As with all websites, there needs to be a privacy policy. This page is designed to inform our visitors on what information we collect, and what we do with that information. In summary, we do collect anonymous information about your visit to this website. We do not release this information to anyone, and only use it in-house to analyze our website performance.


Types of info we collect

This website collects anonymous, non personally identifiable data about each visitor. This data is minor, initiated by a unique cookie. We then get basic visitation information, which includes the pages you view on our website, as well as browser information. We will reinforce that this inormation is completely anonymous, and contains absolutely no personal information. You are simply a random number.

The only personally identifiable data we can collect is what you enter in the "Contact Us" form, on the "Contacts" page. This data is formatted into an email, and then sent to our management staff, who will review the email and contact you directly if necessary. The only idenifiable information we receive is what you type in to that form.


Use of information

All anonymous information collected on this website is for our analysis of our visitors. We like to know what pages are most viewed, how many new visitors we have, and how efficiently our website is performing. We do not sell, trade, give away, or generally release this information to anyone outside of Eagle Communications. All anonymous data is stored on a restricted access database. All voluntarily submitted information is not stored on any of our servers. It is immediately and securely emailed to our management staff.